Inspiring to
create and to share

We create a community, promote synergy,
the dissemination of possibilities and knowledge.
We believe that personal realization is the motivation
engine, so BLC is the place where the action takes place.

Locate and create here!  

The most
convenient location in the centre of Kaunas

Išskirtinis konferencijų centras Iki 500 dalyvių
Exclusive Conference Centre that accommodates up to 500 participants
Erdviausias požeminis parkingas Kauno centre iki 500 vietų
The most spacious underground parking in the centre of Kaunas with up to 500 places
Nuo 50 m²  iki 20 000 m²
from 150 m²
to 14 000 m²
4 verslo stiliams
For 4 business styles
A klasė
Dviračių ir automobilių nuoma
Bike and car rental

Beautiful panoramic view
of Kaunas from your office

BLC – unique ecosystem

Tadas Vizgirda

Chairman of the Board of the American Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania

The business success depends a lot on the
business centre and the infrastructure around it.
If at least one element is missing, then it may
be bad for one employee and then for another.
Everything must be perfect.

Arvydas Bložė

Manager of business accelerator Startup.lt

When people of different professions or
different companies meet, then there may
be created interesting enough projects, and
therefore, such cooperation centres emerge.

Simona Stonkutė


People need to find a place where they can go
to gym, not just work. After physical activity,
you feel much fresher, you want to be active,
you want to do all kinds of good things.

Suitable for any
number of team members

For large teams

Large companies giving their team the inspiration to grow in the heart of the city.

For agencies

We have created spaces that can grow or shrink according to your needs.

For sustainable business

For your business niche, we offer an office that suits your needs and allows you to optimize your business even better.

For beginners

Absolutely everything is near you. From 24/7 entrance to the studio to 2,000 professionals.

For freelancers

You dive between the largest coworking space in the city and the numerous opportunities around.

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